SVBONY Dew Heater Strip DN40cm 5V for Telescopes and Camera DSLR Lens Linear Temperature Control Devices Keep Them from Fog Dew Freezing

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  • Super fast and continuous warming with fast start up of 5 seconds to heat
  • Protects the lens of your digital camera or finder scope from freezing by chilling fog and dew,;enabling the devices to function properly at night when the temperature drops or places with bad weather
  • Based on the USB port design;it is very handy to use because you can connect it either to your power bank or any other power source with a USB port
  • DN40: the length is 40cm, for outside diameter: 13cm, lens UV size is less than 110mm
  • With adjustable diameter and easy adherence;this dew heater strip fits to most size of telescope;finder scope;digital camera;One heater strip to warm them all

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Product Description

Dew heater bands are used to prevent condensation on optical surfaces in cooler weather.
The most common source of moisture is dew, however; moisture from your own eye can also condense on an eyepiece in extremely cold weather.
When is comes to dew, the best defense is a good offense. Simply maintaining the temperature of your optical surfaces above the dew point will prevent condensation from happening.
The most problematic optical surfaces, listed in order of their susceptibility are as follows:
1) Corrector Plates on Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes,
2) Meniscus lenses on Maksutov Cassegrain Telescopes,
3) Objective lenses on Refractors,
4) Eyepiece eye lenses in very cold weather. Thousand heater bands are wrapped around the outside of the area to be heated, such as around the metal cell of a corrector plate or objective lens.
They attach themselves using a built in Velcro elastic strip. In the case of an eyepiece, the band wraps around the eyepiece itself.

Cloth covered with foam insulation on outer side for maximum efficiency and performance
Electrical interface: USB Power Bank is required for 2A
Voltage: 5V
maximum power: <10W
Width: 50 mm
Weight: 73g/2.56oz

Package Includes:
1 x DN40cm Dew Heater Strip

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