Onuoda Replacement Vehicle Power Charging Cable Cord, for Garmin TA20 Traffic Antenna Charger,for Garmin Nuvi GPS 200 57LM 67 C255 2539LMT 2597LMT Dashcam Drive Touch RV 760LMT VIRB zumo

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  • Specially Design for Charging your Garmin GPS in the Car.TA20 vehicle power cable will provide POWER to any Garmin Camper. 30 days refund, 180 days warranty. Strict production management mode and high quality material let us to make the warranty
  • Input: 12v - 24v, Output: 5v 2A /Build in Dynamic IC Charge IC & Magnetic ferrite to prevent Electro-Magnetic shock,Built in changeable fuse and protection from overcharging.
  • Compatible with Garmin Nuvi Series, Garmin RV Series, Garmin zumo Series, Garmin Dash cam Series, Garmin eTrex Series, Garmin Drive Series, Garmin DriveSmart Series, Garmin VIRB Action Camera etc. Garmin Dēzl Series, Garmin DēzlCam Series,Garmin DriveAssist,Garmin Drive Series,Garmin fleet Series,Garmin Drive Series
  • Charge and power your compatible Garmin embedded traffic receiver nuvi sat nav with This cable has a built in antenna which is essential for digital reception if your nuvi has an embedded digital receiver for the Traffic Messaging Channel. Simply plug one end of the cable into your vehicles cigarette lighter connection and the other mini USB end (depending on model) either directly into the back of the nuvi sat nav or your nuvi suction cup mount cradle and you are ready to power.
  • If you buy this cable for a nuvi model which does not include a built in traffic receiver then it will only provide power to your nuvi.-----IMPORTANT: For traffic information your compatible Garmin nuvi sat nav must include embedded traffic. If your Garmin sat nav does not feature embedded traffic capabilities and you require them, you will need to buy either the GTM 36 (FM reception) or GTM 70 (DAB reception) traffic receivers which both include a vehicle power cable.

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Product Description

Specially designed for Garmin gps. Can keep your Garmin devices fully charged while you drive.
Short circuit Protection. Mini USB Connection.
Plugs into Cars Cigarette Lighter, plug and play, easy operation.
Output: DC 5V 2A .
Cable Length: 69 inch
nüLink! 1695 LIVE nüvi 1200 1300 1350 1350LMT 1370T 1390LMT 1390T 1450 1450LMT 1490LMT 1490T 200 200W 205 205W 2200 2300 2350LT 2360LT 2370LT 2455LMT 2455LT 2457LMT 2460LMT 2475LT 2495LMT 2497LMT 250 250W 2539LMT 255 2555LM 2555LMT 2555LT 2557LMT 255TLMTHD 2559LMT 255W 2577LT 2589LMT 2595LMT 2597LMT 2598LMTHD 2599LMTHD 260 260W 2639LMT 265T 265WT 2689LMT 2699LMTHD 270 2757LM 275T 2789LMT 2797LMT (2798LMT Backup Camera) 285WT 295W 30 3450 3450LM 3490LMT 350 3550LM 3590LMT 3597LMTHD 360 370 3750 3760LMT 3760T 3790LMT 3790T 40 40LM 42 42LM 44 44LM 465LMT 50 500 50LM 52 52LM 54LM 55 55LM 55LMT 56 56LM 56LMT 57 57LM 57LMT 58 58LM 58LMT 65LM 65LMT 66LM 66LMT 67LM 67LMT 68LM 68LMT nüviCam LMTHD
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