Multipurpose Telescope Case – Fits Most Telescopes – Best for Celestron AstroMaster 70/90, Powerseeker 80EQ, ORION 09001,Orion 09798 Infinity 50-60-70MM- Smart Phone Adapter Included, 40×10.6×7 inch

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  • ✓ STARGAZING ON THE GO - Tired of being confined to stationary stargazing? Start your intergalactic adventure from anywhere with the Rhino BagMate telescope bag! This carrying case features a removable shoulder strap and velcro hand-carry strap, so you can easily take your telescope anywhere!
  • ✓ PROTECTION RAIN OR SHINE - No matter where you take it or whatever the weather holds, your telescope will stay protected. Whether you are camping, hiking, or riding your bike, this carrying case is made from water repellent polyester fabric to keep your equipment safe - even if there's rain along your route!
  • ✓ SERIOUSLY STRONG STORAGE - Flimsy telescope cases can damage your equipment. That's why this durable bag provides complete protection with military-grade materials, including shock-absorbing foam on both the side and bottom. Rhino BagMate prevents damage so you can focus on enjoying a night under the stars.
  • ✓ ONE SIZE FITS ALL - Pack all your equipment for every trek with your Rhino BagMate carrying case. This case comes with Velcro dividers that can be adjusted for all your gear. That means it also functions as a camera bag. Plus, accessory pouches line the outside of the case, so you never have to be without your favorite gizmos.
  • ✓ LIFETIME GUARANTEE - We never want your telescope bag to cause cloudy days (or nights). That's why your purchase is protected by our lifetime guarantee.

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Product Description

Best Protection in the Galaxy!

Astronomers, whether amateur or professional, spend their days diving into black holes of research and their nights in search of the most elusive constellations with the help of their trusty telescopes. Nothing puts a wrench in your quest quite like opening your telescope bags and cases and finding broken equipment. The Rhino BagMate telescope bag guards your gear from breakage and extends its lifespan with dense built-in foam padding. This case provides military-grade protection featuring:

  • Trusty Tarpaulin: Tarp-like material shields even your most delicate tools from scrapes and scratches.
  • Removable Shoulder Strap: From epic hikes to moonlight strolls, the shoulder strap makes your case comfortable to carry no matter what!
  • Inner Tightening Belt: For added protection, secure the tube of your scope with the tightening strap. This ensures your tube will remain snug in your bag instead of colliding with your other equipment.

    Great for All of Your Gear!

    Ditch the bubble wrap, because Rhino BagMate's telescope cases can be adjusted to fit all your favorite accessories! Fit the tube of your telescope securely in the center, and easily adjust the Velcro panels to fit your finder scopes, eye pieces, moon filters, and more! Store smaller accessories, like chargers and filters, in the side pockets. This bag will fit all your gear with ease, leaving you free to focus on the stars. We even throw in an extra piece of gear: a FREE mobile phone adaptor mount!

    Carry On!

    Don't blindly choose your telescope bag! Rhino BagMate helps you carry these telescopes confidently:

  • Orion 09798
  • Celestron 127EQ
  • Celestron 31045

    Don't see your model? Contact us to figure out which bag size is right for your star gazer.

    Start your next great adventure on the right foot by adding the Rhino BagMate telescope bag to your cart today!
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