Lume Cube – Professional Lighting Kit

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  • ALL-IN-ONE LIGHTING KIT that includes the full range of diffusion/modification attachments for the Lume Cube
  • MAGNETIC ATTACHMENTS - To apply gels/diffusers/modifiers to the Lume Cube, simply snap them onto the magnetic frame of the Modification Frame
  • STACKABLE - create custom lighting effects by stacking your attachments on top of each other (ex. CTO Gel underneath a Snoot)
  • CUSTOM CARRYING CASE INCLUDED - all accessories come packed tight in a zipper carrying case with custom cut inserts for each part
  • PORTABLE - with the entire kit packed into a hand held case, your lighting set up is as mobile as you are! Get out there and see what you can create

Product Details

Product Description

The Professional Lighting Kit is made for, you guessed it, the professional content creator or aspiring creator that needs a full range of lighting gear to tackle any lighting challenge, without being weighed down by bulky equipment. This kit consists of the most up-to-date lighting accessories and modifiers from Lume Cube and allows you to diffuse, gel, or shape your light within seconds. All attachments magnetically attach to the front of the Modification Frame and are stackable. All gear comes packed tight inside a custom cut foam carrying case with custom inserts for each attachment to keep your gear safe and secure.

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