Lume Cube – Light Shaping Bundle

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  • MAGNETIC MOUNTING system for quick an easy diffusion/modification to your LUME CUBE
  • LIGHT SHAPING tools needed to create hard edges and directional light
  • CIRCULAR light shaping with the Snoot and RECTANGULAR light shaping with the Barn Doors
  • STACKABLE - combine a Snoot/Barn Door with other diffusion accessories for a custom lighting effect
  • Compatible with ONLY the Lume Cube (not the Lume Cube AIR)

Product Details

Product Description

Adding diffusers, gels, snoots, and barn doors to your Lume Cube has been simplified thanks to the Modi Frame. Firmly press the Modi Frame to the front of your Lume Cube and you are ready to stack accessories. The Barn Doors are made with four hinged doors to give you the ability to create a variety of shapes and sizes of light. Magnetically attach the Snoot to the Modi Frame to control the direction, radius, and shape of your light. Create a cylindrical shaped light with zero spill to capture content in a whole new way!

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