Long Play Analog Recording Tape by ATR Magnetics | 1/4″ MDS-36 – Modern Classic Sound | NAB Hub | 3600’ of Analog Tape

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  • THE MODERN MANUFACTURER OF TAPE: the only current tape manufacturer in the Western Hemisphere and proudly made in the USA
  • THE CLASSIC SOUND YOU'VE ALWAYS WANTED: straight from our factory to your door
  • HIGH OUTPUT, LOW NOISE: our tape is in the +6 class which means it gives you the sound and characteristics that you know and love from tape, but with less noise that you get with other brands
  • FIT EVEN MORE ON YOUR REEL: utilizing a 1 mil thick tape you can now fit 1100' more of your recordings on a reel, totaling to 3600' of tape
  • GET THAT SOUND WITHOUT THE COST: you use tape, you love tape. You say you just need the tape but not the reels...you're in luck. Introducing the pancake.

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Product Description

You want THAT sound. We are here to help.

Our 1/4" Long Play Analog Recording Tape will allow you to multitrack your music without worry of how old and used the tape is because we make it new and proudly in the USA.

Gone are the sonic woes of digital recording. Imagine yourself with the reliability and sonic integrity of analog tape.

ATR Magnetics is the foremost manufacturer of analog recording tape, both for professional and semi-professional use.

Our proprietary formula provides our tapes with the modern classic sound that you crave. ATR Magnetics tape makes your recordings sound like a record.

ATR Magnetics MDS-36

MDS-36 is our 1 mil tape that provides for a high-output, low-noise recording with an industry-standard bias compatibility. ATR Magnetics MDS-36 is in the +6 class of tape. Our advanced preparation and coating techniques produce a consistent, high quality product that meets the needs of professional recording studios and hi-fidelity enthusiasts alike.

Our 1/4" tape is shipped on a NAB Hub. You will need to have an empty reel to load this tape onto. Please visit our other listings for available empty reels.

Start recording your favorite record now.

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