Iomega Corporation : Zip Disk, PC/MAC Format, 250MB, 4/PK -:- Sold as 2 Packs of – 4 – / – Total of 8 Each

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  • Iomega 250MB zip disk 8 Disks
  • For use with PC or Mac (read seller listing)
  • Interchangeable with Iomega 250MB and Iomega 750MB Zip Drives
  • Durable, portable and secure
  • Not compatible with Zip 100 MB drives.

Product Details

Product Description

From the Manufacturer For the convenience of traditional 100 MB Zip disks in a larger capacity, try Iomega's Zip 250 MB disks. From the originator of the Zip drive, the disks in this package are preformatted for eiter a PC or a Mac and carry a long, five-year limited warranty. The Zip 250 MB disks are readable and writeable on all Zip 250 MB and 750 MB drives. Not compatible with Zip 100 MB drives. All Zip disks are pre-formatted, protected by a rigid plastic shell, and offer shirt-pocket convenience. Zip disks are durable and can easily shrug off the bangs, bumps and scratches that can ruin CD-R and CD-RW discs. And, because Zip disks are inherently rewritable, users don't have to stock one type of disk for write-once operations and another type for rewritable operations. The same Zip disk does it all with superior rewritable performance and durability.

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