ChromLives White Balance Grey Card 5.3″ X7.3″ 18% Exposure Photography Gray Card Video DSLR Film Photography, Black White 18% Gray

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  • This white balance card set is to help get your white balance right in seconds and always have the perfect exposure.
  • Neutral 18% Grey Card perfect for DSLR, Video, Film and Photography.
  • Durable, waterproof with matte and finish sides for reflections demand.
  • Compact, sturdy and Lightweight. Medium card size :5.3" X7.3"Inches.
  • Package include 3 card-Pure Black,Pure White and 18% Grey/Gray,Also includes Premium Lanyard with a detachable clip.

Product Details

Product Description

Take a little time to take out these white balance cards and set the white balance, they makes your photos look more professional!
This is a 3 cards set come with a lanyard. White, 18% grey and black.Easy use in any shots. You can use these white balance card to adjust color balance and revert the color truly and perfectly. A great gear to get better photos. Each card is made of hard plastic, with a matt side and finish side.Grey card size :5.3" X7.3"Inches.

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